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Mrs S. Locke - Head Teacher
Ms N. Almond - Deputy Head Teacher

Teaching Staff:

Miss R. Lang (EYFS)
Miss B. Bailey (Year 1) 
Miss E. Lane (Year 2)
Mrs A. Laban  (Year 3) 
Mrs A. Read   (Year 4) 
Miss L. Eglington (Year 5) 
Miss I. Chandler  (Year 6)
        Ms N. Almond (Years 4 and 6)

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator):

Miss R. Lang

Trainee Teachers:

Miss N. Chowdhury

Miss J. Mills 

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs L. Melville  
        Mrs K. Winter
        Miss C. Smith
        Mrs A. James
Mrs T. Smith  
Mrs K. Warrick
Mrs W. Hickman
Mrs R. Waghorn  
Mrs L. Anderson
Mrs N. Merry-Lidbury
        Miss T. Ellis

Wellbeing Mentor: 

       Mrs J. Munson

ICT Technician:

Mr B.Pullen

Office Staff:

Mrs S. Barnes  - Office Manager
Mrs L. Whyburd
         Ms T. Bass

Site Manager/cleaners:

Mr A.Bragg - Caretaker  
Mrs C. Fairbrother - Cleaner

Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs T. Swallow

Midday Assistants:

Mrs N. Pass  
Miss G. Milne    
Mrs J. Denny
        Mrs. A. James
        Mrs N. Merry-Lidbury

Catering Team:

Ms H. Kuta - Catering Manger  
Mrs J. Bradford  
        Mrs J. Denny 

Breakfast Club and After School Club Leader

Mrs N. Pass

Extended Day Team:

Mrs N. Pass
Mrs R. Waghorn
        Mrs A. Dale
        Mrs J. Denny