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Key Stages

Foundation Stage 

During the Foundation Years much of the work is developed through play—play which is purposeful and structured so that your child will learn actively from the six areas of learning and experience for young children (Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Developments and Creative Developments).

Key Stage 1 (Age 5-7  Year Groups 1 and 2)    

The KS1 curriculum covers the breadth of the National Curriculum; English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Religious Education (RE), Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), Personal, Citizenship, Social and Health Education (P.C.S.H.E).  Your child will learn and refine skills in a safe and stimulating environment. Structured tasks will allow your child to build concepts, sort and absorb knowledge and to achieve success in the tasks attempted. These tasks will be suited to each child’s need. Support and encouragement are given as and when appropriate.  Importance is put on developing social skills and interaction, so that children are able to operate as individuals or in groups. They learn to listen, to follow instructions and to interact positively with each other. Their natural curiosity will be encouraged to question and to explore their immediate surroundings. They will learn to control their bodies and develop fine motor skills.  We employ a variety of teaching methods, from individual teaching to formal class lessons, to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum accessible to each child.

Key Stage 2  (Age 7-11  Year Groups 3 to 6)

The KS2 curriculum also covers the breadth of the National Curriculum.  Cross-curricular topics are planned to make work meaningful and to develop opportunities to use skills across the subjects. There will also be single subject teaching. We aim to offer a rich, varied, inspiring diet and encourage every child to achieve their full potential as individual learners.