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School Access

Access to school and security

We are a friendly and welcoming school.  However, we do take security seriously at Milldene Primary School.  When visiting us, please enter by the main doors into the Reception area and a member of the office staff will then ask you to sign the visitors' book, give you a badge and allow you access to the school. 

At the beginning of the school day:  The school gates and the office are opened at 8.40 a.m. and all children should go straight into their classroom before the school bell rings at 8.50 a.m. to settle in for the day or to continue with their work.   We ask that children are encouraged in their independence by coming into the classroom by themselves. 

At the end of the day:  The KS1 teachers bring the children to the front gates. The children from the older classes are also met at the school gates, but may go home unaccompanied if parents or carers wish this to happen.

If someone different will be meeting your child or there are any other changes we need to know, please notify the class teacher or complete a form at the school office.

Access to Teacher

Parents may make an appointment through the office if they wish to speak to the teacher or attend their child's 'Open Classroom Afternoon'. (see list below)

Reception - Tuesday
Year 1 - Wednesday
Year 2 -Wednesday
Year 3 - Thursday
Year 4 - Friday
Year 5 - Tuesday
Year 6 - Tuesday

Late arrivals

We hope that all children will develop the good habit of arriving on time for school. The late arrival of children to school causes unnecessary disruption to the classes and creates difficulties with regard to registration and dinner numbers acquisition.

Children arriving late will be given a “late mark” and parents will be informed if the frequency of “late marks” is too high.

Any children arriving after the bell has gone should report their arrival to the school office, accompanied by a parent or carer. The office staff will then see the child to the classroom.

Change of circumstances 

Should your address or emergency contact numbers change or pick-up procedures differ from usual, please inform the school so that our records can be updated. It is important to maintain accurate information on every child. If you think our records might be out of date, please contact the office for a new form.


Please observe all the road markings and neighbours' driveways to help ease congestion and make the area outside school safer for young children.

Please do not use the school car park for either parking or turning as we need constant access and many pedestrians walk across the driveway.